Storytime: Cleaning A Hospital In Belgium


Saving lives everyday: our doctors, nurses and hospital staff need to work in a safe, and clean environment. With the i-mop, the cleaning staff makes sure the ER, recovery rooms, hallways, kitchen, washroom areas and every floor in the hospital is clean to fit the standard of high-quality healthcare in the Gent region. In this …


Awards: I-Mop Wins All Over The World!

Australian i-mop awards

The scrubber dryer innovation i-mop is taking all the awards. From Australia to Vegas, the industry is voicing¬†praise and global recognition to the i-team and their amazing innovations. Since the creation of the product in 2014, we’ve been showcasing it’s power and potential for contract cleaners & end-users to save time, money, water & chemicals …


The new I-mop site

i-mop news

Welcome to the new I-mop website, it is finally here and this is just the beginning. Over the next months,¬†we will launch additional features and sections, so don’t be a stranger and visit us regularly. We hope you enjoy the site and feature requests are always welcome as we continue to work on giving you …

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